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InterTrade offers EDI and UPC/GTIN Catalogue solutions for suppliers of all sizes and EDI capabilities. Focus on your core business and rest assured that your EDI transactions with NMG are processed in accordance with NMG's specific guidelines in ithe most secure and efficient manner.

The Neiman Marcus Group requires that all vendors...


Publish and share their product information on InterTrade's UPC/GTIN Product Catalogue

The creation of your very own Product Catalogue will allow you to upload and publish important data such as GTIN, color & size code, and product description as well as any additional attributes and images. Retailers like Neiman Marcus will use this information for various purposes, including the creation of Purchase Orders and the publication of your products on the retailers' marketplace.

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Exchange business documents such as Purchase Orders, Advanced Ship Notices and Invoices using EDI

The use of EDI ensures accurate, automated and non-repudiated document exchange to streamline supply chain tasks and maximize speed to market of goods and services.

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